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brown rice rotina

• organic brown rice rotina 100g
• 100g broccoli
• 10g red lantern pepper
• 10g union (shred)
• 15g ginger
• 4 cloves garlic
• ¼ tbs Salt
• 10ml BBQ sauce
• 20ml vegetable oil

①Boil 4 cups (2L) of water, add pasta and simmer for 5minutes, turn off the fire. Take out pasta.
②Preheat saucepan to 190℃.
③Pour a little oil into saucepan , fry onions,ginger and garlic. Add broccoli and lantern pepper, fry with high fire.
④ Add pasta and a little salt into saucepan, stir fry with low fire for 2minutes, bring to plate , dressing it with BBQ sauce and serve it .

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