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white rice noodles

• a small bundle of white noodles
• ½ cooked egg
• 10g fresh tofu skin
• 5g fragrant-flowered garlic
• 5g agaric
• Chinese chill sauce (Lao Gan ma chill sauce)
• soup -stock (optional water)
• ¼ tablespoon salt

①put agaric into boiled water for 5 minutes , drain off water . put aside .
②cook white rice noodles in boiling water for 6-7 minutes, drain off water, put aside .
③heat prepared soup -stock , add noodles in it, cooking about 2 minutes.
④ season noodles with salt and Chines chill
⑤put agaric ,fragrant-flowered garlic , egg for dressing , and serve them.

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